Daudet Creek Contracting Kitimat BC

PO Box 144
Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6

T 250-632-4831 F 250-632-2322
E admin@daudetcreek.com


Our 2nd generation company begins with family and ends with community. We live, hire and work in our communities. We care about our employees, our families and our neighbours.


We are a tightly knit team that takes pride in the quality of our work.

Our TEAM comprises between 45–85 people.  Aside from our core management team, office staff and maintenance department, many of our field crew either remain with us throughout the year or return to us seasonally.  The result of this is a close-knit group that works together—and looks out for each other—seamlessly.

We are a diverse group of workers primarily from Kitimat, Terrace, the Haisla Nation, and the Gitsan Nation. By focusing on hiring and training locally we are able to retain an experienced workforce, which is a significant factor contributing to the excellent services and products we offer our clients.

These hiring practices are not just of real benefit to our communities in northwestern BC, but ultimately add to our clients’ return.

Some of our management and administrative team members are profiled below.

Cassandra Speers

Construction Safety Officer

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Kayla K. Hume

Contracts & Procurement

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Katherine Gauer

Chief Financial Officer

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Mark Pacheco

Operations Manager

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Gary Hawkins

Equipment Operator Foreman

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Larry Greenlaw

Equipment Operator Foreman

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"...Due to the high pace and demanding environments we both work in, Daudet’s drivers ensure each type of equipment gets delivered to any site safely and efficiently... It has been a great pleasure to work with the team of drivers as well as all the office staff who are well organized and excellent communicators..."

Leavitt Machinery

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