Daudet Creek Contracting Kitimat BC

PO Box 144
Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6

T 250-632-4831 F 250-632-2322
E admin@daudetcreek.com


Our 2nd generation company begins with family and ends with community. We live, hire and work in our communities. We care about our employees, our families and our neighbours.

Leavitt Machinery

"For many years Leavitt Machinery has had a strong working relationship with Daudet Creek Contracting. We are proud to have them for all our local and surrounding area equipment hauls. Due to the high pace and demanding environments we both work in, Daudet’s drivers ensure each type of equipment gets delivered to any site safely and efficiently. With both Leavitt Machinery and Daudet Creek having local presence for many years, we often work together to give back to the community. Daudet Creek is always available for our needs and ensures our partnership is strong with each other and the local community to ensure our core values are attained on a daily basis. It has been a great pleasure to work with the team of drivers as well as all the office staff who are well organized and excellent communicators. We look forward to the future of Kitimat and the future of our partnership with Daudet Creek. Caring for our employees, families and our neighbors is what we both do and we are proud to do this alongside Daudet Creek Contracting."

Jolene Matthews

Rental Coordinator

Leavitt Machinery

"...This Company is constantly recognized in all areas of cost, schedule, quality and safety while also demonstrating some of our key values such as partnership and respect. Their efforts to support us during difficult and unforeseen events in a short amount of response time has been the most common feedback..."

Rio Tinto BC Works – Contractor of the Year

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