Daudet Creek Contracting Kitimat BC

PO Box 144
Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6

T 250-632-4831 F 250-632-2322
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Our 2nd generation company begins with family and ends with community. We live, hire and work in our communities. We care about our employees, our families and our neighbours.

The Prince George Citizen

"The Prince George Chamber of Commerce recently named its Top 40 Under 40 in the Prince George business community...The Citizen is supporting this spirit with a complimentary list. The north has many in the sub-40 demographic category who, like those from within Prince George, stand out as leaders...here is The Citizen's Top 40 Under 40:

[Shaun] Oviatt (Kitimat)

The proprietor of Daudet Creek Contracting has made a name for himself in the construction world of the north coast.

In addition to his workmanship (he received an official thank you from the District of Port Edward for his efforts to remove a pair of derelict homes), he is also a noted philanthropist. He provided major work-hours and heavy equipment to the Kitimat Railjam event, which annual builds a mountain of snow in downtown Kitimat for a sold-out freestyle ski and snowboard competition."

September 28, 2012

Prince George Citizen Special Report

"Top 40 regional leaders under 40"

"...This Company is constantly recognized in all areas of cost, schedule, quality and safety while also demonstrating some of our key values such as partnership and respect. Their efforts to support us during difficult and unforeseen events in a short amount of response time has been the most common feedback..."

Rio Tinto BC Works – Contractor of the Year

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