Daudet Creek Contracting Kitimat BC

PO Box 144
Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6

T 250-632-4831 F 250-632-2322
E admin@daudetcreek.com


We are outfitted with an extensive range of equipment and attachments that allow us to complete large specialized projects.


Our range of excavator sizes and attachments allows us to put the right combination on your site to maximize efficiency.

Our machines range in size, from a Volvo 480 best suited for bulk work to a Hitachi ZX75 that is perfect for small work areas and narrow trenching. We also have a large range of Hitachi  excavators, including three new Ultra-Short Series 'zero-swing' machines that are ideal for small, busy spaces or indoor work. Whether the job is clearing and grubbing, trenching and pipe-laying, drainage systems and surface sloping, road building, drilling and hammering, or crushing and magnetic separation, we have the right equipment for it!

All our excavators are equipped with guarding, V-buckets, ripper tooths, brush rakes, hydraulic quick changes, thumbs, and most also have twister buckets.  Several of these machines also have GPS sensors and monitors, which greatly increase the speed, safety and accuracy of pipelaying and earthworks, including complexly sloped surfaces.

Available specialized attachments include:

  • Screener
  • 12", 18”, and 24” Drill Augers
  • UP90 Labounty Pulverizer
  • SP30V Shear Force Pulverizer
  • VEP202A Magnet Crusher
  • S18R Shear Force Mobile Shear
  • HMGT 1300 Demo Magnet   
  • 48" Underslung Magnet
  • Hoe Packers
  • V165EX Hammer
  • V135EX Hammer
  • Rock Hammer
  • DPH Concrete Crusher

"...Since the fall of 2016 we have had a successful working relationship with Daudet Creek...we observed Daudet Creek to be organized and thoroughly professional throughout each project...we plan to continue to use their services in the future and would highly recommend them to others."

Kerkhoff Construction Ltd.

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