Daudet Creek Contracting Kitimat BC

PO Box 144
Kitimat, BC V8C 2G6

T 250-632-4831 F 250-632-2322
E admin@daudetcreek.com


We take pride in our growing reputation for completing projects safely, on time, and to specification. The quality of our work often exceeds our clients’ expectations, and our high call-back rate testifies to this fact.

Past & Present Projects

Site Preparation & Earthworks

Daudet Creek Contracting has extensive experience preparing large sites for construction, from removing organic materials to sculpting the final surface.

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Pipe & Service Installation

Our experienced team has developed a reputation for installing underground pipeworks and services efficiently, safely and correctly.

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Road Works

From logging roads to parking lots and highways, Daudet Creek Contracting has the knowledge and skills to build your road from the ground up.

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Site Remediation & Closure

We also do removal of concrete and other waste materials from industrial sites, as well as site restoration, including earthworks and landscaping.

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Equipment & Materials Hauling

Our fleet of tandem and tridem tractors, dump trucks, and articulated haulers can handle any type of hauling.

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Aggregate Production & Supply

We operate several gravel pits and one rock quarry to fully supply our clients' everyday and customized needs.

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Sub-Division Development

We have taken several sub-divisions from the initial site clearing to the final backfilling and paving...and everything in between.

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Daudet Creek Contracting also performs an assortment of miscellaneous services—some of our larger ongoing projects are profiled here.

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"The proprietor of Daudet Creek Contracting has made a name for himself in the construction world of the north coast.  In addition to his workmanship...he is also a noted philanthropist..."

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