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2017 Jack Talstra Way Road Reconstruction

Project Name: Jack Talstra Way Road Reconstruction

Client: Taisheng International Investment Services

General Contractor: Allnorth Consultants

Date: August 2017 to present

Contract: Unit Price

Value: $1,000,000-4,999,999

Scope: Road reconstruction included 92,000 m2 stripping and stockpiling of topsoil, 69,000 m3 excavation, the supply and placement of granular road and sidewalk base (35,410 m2), 29,000 m2 asphalt preparation and placement. Roadway work also included supply and placement of 30 (750 m) culverts, 3 manhole bases, 16 manhole and tee risers, 53 lamp standards, and roadway signage. Service installation included the supply and install of: 328 m watermain installation and backfill; 226 m sanitary sewer pipe installation and backfill. Screened native topsoil and hydroseeding of 58,000 m2.

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