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2019-present Lagoon Siphon

Project: Lagoon Siphon

Client: Rio Tinto

General Contractor: Viking Construction

Date: April 2019 to present

Contract: Lump Sum / Time & Materials

Value: $1,000,000 to 4,999,999

Scope: Clearing, grubbing and leveling for site access, and base and receiving pit preparation, including: relocate pump and hydrovac, and excavation to expose and grade outlets and sewer line.  Supply, deliver and install aggregate and geotextile where needed. Sewer diversion and pipe fusing, and supply and install new stormline. Excavate and backfill for casing installation and receiving pits. Lagoon cleaning, including grubbing, removal of concrete weir and tree stumps, and clearing limestone checkdams. Supply and install materials to recap and raise dyke.  Support pipe ramming crew.

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"The proprietor of Daudet Creek Contracting has made a name for himself in the construction world of the north coast.  In addition to his workmanship...he is also a noted philanthropist..."

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