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We take pride in our growing reputation for completing projects safely, on time, and to specification. The quality of our work often exceeds our clients’ expectations, and our high call-back rate testifies to this fact.

2019–present Fairfield Hotel Civil Works

Project: Fairfield Hotel Civil Works

Client: Horizon North Modular Solutions

General Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting

Date: October 2019 to present

Contract: Unit Price

Value: $1,000,000 to 4,999,999

Scope: Roads and grading work, including supply and install approx. 3000 m3 aggregate, 4760 m2 asphalt paving, 640 m curb & gutter, 490 m2 concrete sidewalks, and concrete block wall. Supply and install site services, including re-locate hydrant, 33 m water service and tie-in, and 46 m sanitary service and manhole. Supply and install site drainage, including 211 m storm sewer lead, 102 m storm sewer main, 75 m storm sewer overflow, 12 catch basins, 2 lawn drains, 4 manholes, 2 rock pits, 2 splash pads, and 854 m rock drain along road frontage. Supply and install on-site concrete pads +/- integrated curbs for garbage enclosure, generator, patios, entryway, etc. Supply and install 90 m power conduit, 57 m communications conduit, service box, 275 m street light electrical conduit, and 10 street light bases.

"...Due to the high pace and demanding environments we both work in, Daudet’s drivers ensure each type of equipment gets delivered to any site safely and efficiently... It has been a great pleasure to work with the team of drivers as well as all the office staff who are well organized and excellent communicators..."

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