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Our clients are not just ‘hiring local’—they are hiring a team of highly skilled operators, teamsters and labourers with extensive experience and local knowledge.

Site Preparation & Earthworks

We are experienced with prepping large sites, from clearing and grubbing, construction of on-site drainage and access systems, to landscaping.

Our experience with site preparation includes everything from residential lots to large industrial sites.

We frequently receive feedback from our clients that the quality of our fine grade work and pipe-laying is second to none...even before we started using GPS-guided systems!

Aspects of site preparation and earthworks that we are familiar with include:

  • site surveying, excavating test holes, and site stripping
  • demolishing and removing existing structures, asphalt, and concrete
  • drilling and blasting, cutting to fill, and on site crushing, screening and stockpiling
  • constructing site-wide drainage systems (e.g., lined settling ponds, berms, culverts, manholes, downspouts, lateral drainage channels, discharge pipes, rain-water leads, ditches, swales, etc.)
  • bank armouring and slope stabilization with cloth, lock blocks, gabion baskets, MSE wire walls, and rip rap
  • supplying and installing structural fill
  • compacting and preparing access systems (e.g., driveways, roadways, curbs and sidewalks) and foundations for paving or concrete work
  • landscaping, including supplying and importing topsoil as well as seeding for grass

For more details, please some of our past and present Site Preparation & Earthworks and Sub-Division Development projects.

"As the design engineers for the new Forceman Ridge Waste Management Facility and Thornhill Transfer Station, Sperling Hansen Associates have had the privilege to work with Daudet Creek Contracting on two large earthwork projects. Both were completed efficiently, on budget and to a very high standard with minimal change orders..."

Sperling Hansen Associates Inc.

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