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Our clients are not just ‘hiring local’—they are hiring a team of highly skilled operators, teamsters and labourers with extensive experience and local knowledge.

Site Remediation & Closure

Extensive demolition-specific equipment has also allowed us to complete remediation of large industrial sites.

Over the last few years, we have the acquired appropriate equipment and experience for large-scale industrial or commercial site demolition and clean-up, including dealing with hazardous materials, disposing of waste, and recycling or re-processing materials to our clients' specifications.

Some of our past remediation work includes:

  • demolishing and disposing of existing structures, concrete foundations or walls, and miscellaneous on-site materials
  • on-site concrete crushing and separating metal magnetically for recycling
  • segregating and disposing of asbestos
  • managing dust and water run-off

For more details, please some of our past and present Site Remediation & Closure projects.

"...Through each stage of the project Daudet has been organized and professional in conduct.  They have been pro-active with planning and responsive to the minor changes required to allow the project to proceed smoothly to completion.  We will continue to recommend Daudet to our clients..."


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