Our Equipment

We have an extensive range of well maintained equipment that will get your project done in a safe and efficient manner. From excavators and loaders to trucks, tractors and trailers we get the job done. 

We are always researching what equipment we should add to our fleet to make sure that we are well-equipped to take on any job big or small.

Have a look at our current offering of equipment below.  

Our range of excavator sizes and attachments allows us to put the right combination on your site to maximize efficiency.

Our machines range in size, from a Volvo 480 best suited for bulk work to a Hitachi ZX75 that is perfect for small work areas and narrow trenching. We also have a large range of Hitachi excavators, including three new Ultra-Short Series 'zero-swing' machines that are ideal for small, busy spaces or indoor work. Whether the job is clearing and grubbing, trenching and pipe-laying, drainage systems and surface sloping, road building, drilling and hammering, or crushing and magnetic separation, we have the right equipment for it!

All our excavators are equipped with guarding, V-buckets, ripper tooths, brush rakes, hydraulic quick changes, thumbs, and most also have twister buckets.  Several of these machines also have GPS sensors and monitors, which greatly increase the speed, safety and accuracy of pipelaying and earthworks, including complexly sloped surfaces.

Available specialized attachments include:


  • 12", 18”, and 24” Drill Augers
  • UP90 Labounty Pulverizer
  • SP30V Shear Force Pulverizer
  • VEP202A Magnet Crusher
  • S18R Shear Force Mobile Shear
  • 48" Underslung Magnet
  • Hoe Packers
  • V135EX Hammer
  • Barrier Lift

Our dozers and grader can be used for pushing large volumes of materials, either backfilling or stockpiling, fine-grade work, and road maintenance.

Our John Deere 764 and Cat D6T dozers, and our Cat 160M3 AWD grader are equipped with Topcon Positioning sensors, GPS receiver(s) and a computer monitor to enable our operators to accurately grade large sites and final road surfaces to specified elevations and drainage needs.  These machines are so ‘smart’ that they can be programmed to adjust the blade automatically to the correct height and grade based on its location in a 3D surface model for the site!  The GPS-guided dozers and grader are fast, accurate, and exceptionally safe to operate.

We also have Cat D6N and D8R dozer available to push large volumes of materials when backfilling or stockpiling.

Our tractors and trailers allow us to mobilize materials and equipment (up to 60 tons) on large sites, municipal roads, and highways.


Daudet Creek Contracting has several tandem and tridem Kenworth and Sterling tractors that can be combined with any of our lowbed, dump, step deck, or high boy trailers or B-trains.

Our range of lowbed trailers include tandem and tridem axles lowbeds that can be combined with either single or duel axle jeep and (or) a single axle booster.  We also offer several step deck and high boy trailers (including B-trains), a demo trailer, and several dump trailers (including B-train side dumps), as well as tridem end and side dumps and tandem belly dumps.  Our pilot trucks are also available for oversize loads and narrow bridge crossings.

Several smaller trailers that are compatible with pickup trucks are also available, including 20’ flat decks, a 16' tilt-deck trailer, and several smaller dump (14’ and 20’), and enclosed utility trailers.  Small trailer–pickup combinations allow us to haul some loads much more economically than a tractor–trailer combination.

Our fleet of tandem dump trucks, 6-wheel drive articulating rock trucks and water trucks can fulfill all your material supply needs.


Tandem Dump Trucks

When materials need to be moved on municipal streets and highways, the 10-tonne tandem dump truck is the safest option. Daudet Creek Contracting has a small fleet of Sterling and Kenworth tandem trucks equipped with high-lift tailgates.

Articulating Rock Trucks

On site hauling is best done using large articulating rock trucks. Our 6-wheel drive Volvo A25’s and A30’s–and our four newly purchased A40's with full hydraulic suspension–can move large volumes of material across sites with poor roads or uneven surfaces. Their high payload combined with a compact size and high maneuverability are big advantages over tandem dump trucks and tractors with dump trailers for high-volume on site or off road hauling.  The full-suspension units in particular offer our customers increased savings with their higher speed and load capabilities.

Water Trucks

We also have 2000 Ga and 4000 Ga water trucks that can be used for everything from potable water delivery to dust control on your site.

Daudet Creek Contracting started out as a one loader operation....now we have a range of front-end loaders, integrated tool carriers and forklifts.

We are equipped with Cat 980M, 966G and 950GC loaders for bulk work, several John Deere 544K to 724K loaders, a Volvo L150G and L150H, a Cat IT28 and a Cat IT14, as well as Hyundai 35DS-7E, 45DS-7E and 45L-7A forklifts.

When equipped with our hydraulic blades, our front-end wheel loaders are the most efficient option for industrial, commercial and municipal snow removal.

Front-end loaders equipped with forks, or one of our integrated tool carriers and forklifts, are ideal for moving and stacking immobile objects, especially in areas inaccessible by lowbeds and (or) when repetitive short-distance transport is required.

Available loader attachments include:

  • 12’, 18’, and 22' Hydraulic Blades
  • 8' Forks
  • Log Grapple
  • Sweeper
  • Winter Chains

Smooth, single drum roller packers are used for packing large sites, parking lots and roadways under construction.  Our vibratory roller packers include:

  • 1.2 tonne Bomag BW900-50 with a 36" drum roller
  • 7 tonne Dynapac CA151 with a 66” drum
  • 9.5 tonne Bomag BW211D with an 84” drum and an attachable pad foot
  • 16 tonne Volvo SD160DX with an 84” drum
  • Bomag BW20R 8 Wheel Pnuematic Roller

We also use 1000-lb 1300 Bomag BPR 70/70 plate tampers and a 250-lb Honda plate tampers for smaller areas, such as building foundations and backfilled trenches.

Mobile crushing and screening equipment is perfect for aggregate and (or) topsoil production on any job site. We can process native materials, including blasting, crushing, and screening bedrock, to substantially reduce importation costs, particularly on remote sites. We can also crush concrete to specification for re-use. Our crushers and screeners are also used in our gravel pits to produce a range of products

Our crushing and screening equipment include:

  • KPI 2650 Track Jaw Crusher
  • JCI K400+ Cone Crusher
  • Sandvik QA340 Track-mounted Double-screen Screener
  • Sandvik QE440 Mobile Track Screening Plant
  • JCI 7203FS Screening Plant
  • Custom Built Trommel Screener
  • Stacking Conveyors

Our Topcon Positioning GPS-guided technology allow us to efficiently produce highly accurate finished earthworks products based on data from engineered drawing files provided by our clients.  Several of our excavators, dozers and grader are equipped with these GPS-guided systems, and we also have roaming units that our ground crew can use to support heavy equipment work.

There are many advantages to employing equipment equipped with GPS-guided technology. For site-wide and road-base grade work, these systems eliminate the need for extensive pickets and a large ground crew.  They also provide equipment operators with the expected location and depth of known pre-existing services, as well as the planned location of the services being installed.  Furthermore, with our site survey and our clients’ engineered drawing files we are also able to accurately estimate the volumes of material to move, remove, or import.

The GPS-guided equipment rely on a base station, set up over a surveyed point, that communicates location information with less than 0.01 m horizontal error and 0.02 m vertical error to the receivers on our excavators, dozers, and roaming units, via radio signal.

Other equipment is also available to assist in completing your project, whether it is the grubbing and burning of vegetation, the transportation of wide or over-height loads, or the provision of an on-site office or camp with potable water storage and grey/black water collection.

Some of this additional equipment is also available for rent:

  • Diesel-powered Fire Box Blower
  • 4 cubic yard Salt–Sand Mixer
  • Light Plants
  • Portable 500–20,000 Ga Water Tanks, 500 Ga Septic Tanks, 1000 Ga Fuel Tanks, 75,000 L Diesel Tank, Portable Toilet and Vacuum Pumping
  • 3” and 2” Submersible Pumps with 100’ hoses, 2” Grinder Pumps
  • 5500 W Gas Generators, 60 Ga Air Compressors
  • Site Office and Lunch Trailers, 6-person Trailer Camp
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