Kemano Road Reconstruction

Road reconstruction and widening from the Kemano powerhouse to Horetzky road (elevations 1600–2900 m), including: 9500 m2 clearing and grubbing; 9,000 m2 gradework; 277 m supplied and placed culverts; 5,600 m ditching; 6175 m3 sub-base; supplied and placed jersey barriers and rock filled gabion baskets along 80% of the road length; constructed new MSE wire wall retaining structure; drilling, blasting, rock scaling; dangerous tree removal; and signage.

Kitimat Walkway Reconstruction

Reconstruction of 2 sidewalk sections totaling 430 m, including removal of 5300 m2 existing sidewalks, catch basins, storm leads and curbs. Ecavate 2200 m3 to sub-grade, place structural fill and compact.  Supply and install new catch basins, manholes, and ditch inlet structures. Re-grade and landscape swale drainages.  Permanent pavement restoration of affected driveways, walkways, and roadways was completed.  Finished with formwork and paving of asphalt walkways and concrete curbs, landscaping, and removal of an overhead crosswalk light with poles and guy wires. 4800 m2 hydroseeding.

Kemano Misc Road Repairs

Kemano Tower 17 Quarry & Road Repairs: Clear and strip site, and build access road for new quarry. Drill and blast to product 5,000 m3 rip rap for placement at Tower 17 and to repair roadway at 8.5 km. Loading, hauling, and placing gravel for road/shoulder repairs due to river bank erosion and flooding at Caribou Pit washout. Kemano 2600 Road Repairs and HPU Unit: Reinstatement of drainage infrastructure with minor maintenance/repair works for the temporary use of the 2600 road, and the installation of the HPU Unit.