Methanex Site Remediation

Concrete foundations were demolished and removed from site, and contaminated soil was remediated.

Concrete Crushing

Prepared concrete management and storage areas by clearing and removing organic burnable materials, as well as grading of both areas.  Some staging of waste concrete was required, and a concrete wall and liner was removed.  Asbestos was segregated and disposed of separately.  Approximately 45,000 m3 of concrete was pulverized to 150 mm, and rebar was magnetically separated for recycling.

Glacier Concrete Site Demolition

Demolition and removal of existing structures and concrete foundations, as well as the removal of all remaining materials (e.g., aggregate, lock blocks, etc.).

Kemano Fuel Facilities

Upgrades to the fuel facilities included all engineering plans and drawings for the decommissioning and replacement of 4 single-wall fuel tanks, base, and slab with 3 double-walled fuel tanks on a new gravel base with a concrete-rebar slab and steel bollards.  Decommissioning work also included installation of a new oil/water separator  manual valve (client preference), as well as the decommissioning of a fuel heating tank followed by backfilling and a concrete cover slab. Approx. 220 m fuel lines were also decommissioned, which included removal of residue, grout in piping under asphalt and the removal of all other fuel lines, and supply and place a concrete-rebar cap with sealer. Fuel-contaminated soil to be contained, and tanks to be cleaned prior to disposal.