Project: Fairfield Hotel Civil Works
Client: Horizon North Modular Solutions
General Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting
Date: October 2019 to present
Contract: Unit Price
Value: $1,000,000-$4,999,999

Roads and grading work, including supply and install approx. 3000 m3 aggregate, 4760 m2 asphalt paving, 640 m curb & gutter, 490 m2 concrete sidewalks, and concrete block wall. Supply and install site services, including re-locate hydrant, 33 m water service and tie-in, and 46 m sanitary service and manhole. Supply and install site drainage, including 211 m storm sewer lead, 102 m storm sewer main, 75 m storm sewer overflow, 12 catch basins, 2 lawn drains, 4 manholes, 2 rock pits, 2 splash pads, and 854 m rock drain along road frontage. Supply and install on-site concrete pads +/- integrated curbs for garbage enclosure, generator, patios, entryway, etc. Supply and install 90 m power conduit, 57 m communications conduit, service box, 275 m street light electrical conduit, and 10 street light bases.

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