Project: Kemano Fuel Facilities
Client: Rio Tinto
General Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting
Date: October to November, 2017
Contract: Lump Sum
Value: $5,000,000-$9,999,999

Upgrades to the fuel facilities included all engineering plans and drawings for the decommissioning and replacement of 4 single-wall fuel tanks, base, and slab with 3 double-walled fuel tanks on a new gravel base with a concrete-rebar slab and steel bollards.  Decommissioning work also included installation of a new oil/water separator  manual valve (client preference), as well as the decommissioning of a fuel heating tank followed by backfilling and a concrete cover slab. Approx. 220 m fuel lines were also decommissioned, which included removal of residue, grout in piping under asphalt and the removal of all other fuel lines, and supply and place a concrete-rebar cap with sealer. Fuel-contaminated soil to be contained, and tanks to be cleaned prior to disposal.

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