Project: Kemano Misc Road Repairs
Client: Rio Tinto
General Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting
Date: June to November, 2017
Contract: Lump Sum / Time & Materials
Value: $0-$499,999

Kemano Tower 17 Quarry & Road Repairs: Clear and strip site, and build access road for new quarry. Drill and blast to product 5,000 m3 rip rap for placement at Tower 17 and to repair roadway at 8.5 km. Loading, hauling, and placing gravel for road/shoulder repairs due to river bank erosion and flooding at Caribou Pit washout. Kemano 2600 Road Repairs and HPU Unit: Reinstatement of drainage infrastructure with minor maintenance/repair works for the temporary use of the 2600 road, and the installation of the HPU Unit.

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