Project: Kitimat Walkway Reconstruction
Client: District of Kitimat
General Contractor: Daudet Creek Contracting
Date: June to November, 2016
Contract: Unit Price
Value: $5,000,000-$9,999,999

Reconstruction of 2 sidewalk sections totaling 430 m, including removal of 5300 m2 existing sidewalks, catch basins, storm leads and curbs. Ecavate 2200 m3 to sub-grade, place structural fill and compact.  Supply and install new catch basins, manholes, and ditch inlet structures. Re-grade and landscape swale drainages.  Permanent pavement restoration of affected driveways, walkways, and roadways was completed.  Finished with formwork and paving of asphalt walkways and concrete curbs, landscaping, and removal of an overhead crosswalk light with poles and guy wires. 4800 m2 hydroseeding.

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