Road Construction

Our road-building experience ranges from logging roads to municipal streets—from the initial site clearing to the final surface.

Daudet Creek Contracting is experienced with municipal road, sidewalk, curb and gutter construction, as well as the reconstruction of problematic parking lots and walkways.  We have also built and rebuilt logging roads in steep terrain with drainage challenges.

Our road-building skills include:

  • site stripping and base preparation, including laying geotextile materials
  • importing aggregate or structural fill
  • compacting and preparing driveways, roadways, curbs, gutters and sidewalks for concrete work
  • installing or modifying catch basins, manholes, ditch inlet structures and swales
  • restoring pavement on roadways, driveways, walkways and parking lots, as well as milling, overlaying and tack coating pavement
  • landscaping, including supplying and importing topsoil as well as seeding for grass
  • steep logging road construction and re-construction with drilling, blasting, rock scaling and erosion control (e.g., MSE wire walls, rock-filled gabion baskets for no post road barriers, culvert installation, and road widening)
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