Project: KMP Construction Camp
Client: Bechtel
General Contractor: J. Oviatt Contracting
Date: March 2011 to June 2012
Contract: Unit Price
Value: $1,000,000-$4,999,999

Site preparation for a 1500-person camp, included: 26,000 m3 cut and fill; 124,000 m2 compacting and grading; 5600 m ditching, supply and place 32,500 m2 geotextile and 330 m culverts; 2 oil water separators, and storm water drainage system (590 m SDR35 pipe, 16 catch basins, and 6 manholes).  Pipe and service installation work included prepare, supply, and install concrete slabs for: electrical transformers; 2 60,000 and 1 33,000 USG water tanks; 2 sea can pump houses with diesel fuel tank; potable water holding tank and pumps; fire water holding tank, pumps, and hydrants; header outlet pipe and holding tanks; and sewage lift station with pipe to discharge point. Also supplied and installed 690 m sewage, potable water, and fire water pipe, as well as 160 m gas line.

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