Large Scale Aggregate

Aggregate & Topsoil

Our production services range from drilling and blasting for aggregate production, bulk supply and delivery of prepared aggregate and topsoil, and mobile crushing and screening.  We can drill and blast, and/or process native materials on your site to produce the required fill (and substantially reduce import costs in remote locations). Or, we can import prepared materials from one of our pits. If you are looking for a smaller scale U-Load option, check our Hirsch Creek Concrete

Our standard aggregate products include:

  • Topsoil, Silt, unwashed sand,
  • Manufactured fines, winter chips
  • Pit run, 1" WGB (0-28 mm), 3" SGSB (0-75 mm)
  • 1" drain rock (10-28 mm), 1-3" clear (28-75 mm), 3-6" clear (75-150mm), 4" round rock,
  • 6", 12” or 18” clear rock (150, 300 or 460 mm), boulders and RipRap (500mm +)

However, we can modify any of our products to produce a specialty product upon request to accommodate your aggregate needs.

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